Beauty and the Beast – Sexual fairy…

"Beauty and the Beast" is one of most favored and loved fairy tale stories of times so no wonder it has many adaptations including the sensuous ones. By the way such erotic version of this story you are going to enjoy right now with some addition of interactive elements. This story will begin short time after Belle has violated an evil witch's spell over Prince but looks like their life together is currently penalizing love pretty fast. Today Prince and Belle will have to find the best way and bang-out is going tot ak ehuge part in it. From the wya you're going to perform as Prince that time! So try to find a proper words through dialog scenes and perform well when it will come to bang-out scenes. Nothing but everything looks fine - just what you need for good hentai parody! Play now »

Blossom’s Bedroom

In case if you have not watched the TV series titled as"The Powerpuff Girls" Blossom is really is the title of one three girls and primary characters of this flash. Ofcourse because she's a red-haired there were no question on who'll get he rown anime porn parody game very first... And don't worry - events of the game will be taking place a lot later after events of the flash so all characters here are increased enough to have such sort of fun. The game is not very big or elaborate and your one and only objective will be to fuck this chesty redhead Blossom good enough to make her sexual excitement to reach one hundred percent. You can do that by switching different sexual actions from the list but be carefull - if you won't do anything for lengthy enough it is possible to get a game over! And you don't wish to have a game within this game... Play now »

Iron Giant – Whisper

"Iron Giant" is 1 reall cool animation yet for some reasons that it wa snot very popular in its time. Yet it has brought us Anne Hughes - the icon for all admirers of animation redhead milfs! And ofcoruse it was just a matte rof time when Anne would get the main role in manga porn parody game. The concept is silent plain - you can have interactive orgy using Anne sort first person standpoint but since this is really a game from"Whisper" show you can unlock several pleasant surprises as well. For example if you will type in the correct word in the main menu you can change not merely the garbs and sceneries but even the hot lady you are going to fuck with as well! For example it's possible to try such words as"biocock" or"motel" or even"thunderwhip" or"stockings" or even"dual d" and a lot of more. Play now »