Iron Giant – Whisper

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"Iron Giant" is 1 reall cool animation yet for some reasons that it wa snot very popular in its time. Yet it has brought us Anne Hughes - the icon for all admirers of animation redhead milfs! And ofcoruse it was just a matte rof time when Anne would get the main role in manga porn parody game. The concept is silent plain - you can have interactive orgy using Anne sort first person standpoint but since this is really a game from"Whisper" show you can unlock several pleasant surprises as well. For example if you will type in the correct word in the main menu you can change not merely the garbs and sceneries but even the hot lady you are going to fuck with as well! For example it's possible to try such words as"biocock" or"motel" or even"thunderwhip" or"stockings" or even"dual d" and a lot of more.

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