Fuck for Luck part 2

This is a fun and exciting sex game where you can test your chances. Look at thegame screen. Todayyou will play the second part of the already famous story about a cute girl who loves to get lucky and be sexy. Just test your luckand discover the 10 most popular scenes. Two columns appear that read "Try." Just below that on the screen are the finger badges. There are two badges in the middle. A thumb up and thumb down. So, your mission is to select one of these icons, and click on it. Every icon is linked with the column. If an icon is chosen and the column is lit up to its right side, that means you were right in your guess. This means that you need to start by opening all columns from bottom to top. This should be done three times. If luck is on your side, you can see an awesome 3D animation featuring lewd and sexy action. Play now »

Alena 2: Police Story

Interesting story about fuck-a-thon and misdeed is all going to receive it's development in the second portion of Alena's experiences. When you've played the first-ever game then you understand that main leading lady has been captured by some pervert eager to introduce her into the sphere of submissive bdsm (also known as his cellar). In the 2nd part of this story a few plucky female police officer will be making an attempt to sneak into the strange looking house to work out what shadowy things may be happening here... and she is getting caught too! What will happen next is some thing that you may expect from a bdsm oriented manga porn games however in order to love all of the hot scenes that this game has to suggest you will have to address some memory associated puzzle games from time to time. Play now »