Quickie: Summer Special (Public)

"Quickie: Summer Special" is a hentai game from Oppai games studio that will let all the worshippers of the show to love any extra funtime using Aria, Mai or even Sara by your selection. Ofcourse you have meet all these ladies in their own games (and if you did not then you finer visit our site and do that right now) so that is why it's called"special". Incidentally this game series lately comes with a choice of choosing one of seven (!) Various languages if you ever had troubles with understanding the game before then beginning with this gig unlcoking all the avaialble hentai scenes will be way more easy for you! The genre of this game remains light book that is visual and the artstyle is still both colorific and interesting as before. Enjoy! Play now »

Candy Shop – Gummy 2

This new chapter of eortic game series"Candy Shop" will actually bring some of crazy experiments in the last - this period you may proceed your exploration of Gummy! So get ready to figure out how being sexy and being gooey get along together. As you can see form the beginning the events are getting larger this time. To be fair they'll get large enough to break through the brick walls of the laboratory and also break away toward the city! Yet don't even feel our heroes will try to escape their responsibilty for what will occur next (well, at leats not all them) and witness them doing what they can to rescue the town from giant creature... even though this means to fuck somebody's brains out (you will understand using the expression only in the event you will play with the game from yoruself)! Play now »